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Making it Count: Taking Action on the True Ground of a Valued Life

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Cognitive Behavior Therapy is ultimately about taking action, where it truly counts, in the context of your daily life. Your therapist will guide you in applying gradual, steady effort to make real changes in your behavior that will address problems and symptoms, support positive emotion, confidence and meaning.

Action Precedes Inspiration

The process of initiating and sustaining behaviors you may have long ago abandoned or never developed can be very challenging. It can trigger emotional, even physical discomfort, which can in turn generate considerable levels of avoidance.

Overcoming inertia and getting the process rolling is a critical step in your recovery. Here is where your CBT skills are put to the test:  to accept what you can and can’t change, accept the pace of change, to engage mindfully and keep your judgments grounded, to guide yourself with a supportive, coaching voice, and to courageously face challenging emotions as they arise. In this way you can best develop and nurture your new behavioral routines.

Four Cornerstones of a Life Worth Living

In choosing your goals it is helpful to consider four core areas essential to building and sustaining a healthy emotional life, a life worth living:

  • Personal Health (physical/spiritual)
  • Relationships / Social/Family
  • Career/School/Volunteer
  • Enjoyment/Fun

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