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Obsessive Thinking, Worry and Rumination in OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can be difficult to identify. Everyone is familiar with classic OCD: obsessive thoughts about cleanliness, orderliness or symmetry coupled with compulsive actions aimed at resolving the distress (e.g., excessive hand washing, organizing, color coding your closet). 

However, OCD doesn’t always take this classic form. A common example is OCD with Primary Obsessions.  Here, the person obsesses, worries, ruminates on particular topics in the absence of obvious compulsions. The obsessional topics may vary from time to time, but the ruminative process persists. It’s as if a hamster wheel keeps spinning in your brain: when one hamster tires, there is always another to take its place! 

OCD with Primary Obsessions can be just as debilitating as classic OCD. At the Cognitive Health Group, we treat OCD and OCD with Primary ObsessionsClick Here to learn more 

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